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Compartimos con ustedes la noticia en su idioma original, respecto al curso de perfeccionamiento desarrollado por la Academia de Perkins International en Boston, EEUU, donde nuestra Directora Ejecutiva Carolyn Sánchez es partícipe entre el 10 y 14 de Julio del 2017:

Daniela Gissara:

Starting today Monday 10, and until this Friday 14, outstanding teachers and professionals from around the world are being trained on Perkins campus to bring Perkins International Academy courses to their own countries.

Since children with MDVI/DB are the most vulnerable, only 5% of this population is being reached, President and CEO Dave Power said. Therefore, Perkins International Academy has the goal of training and certifying 1 million teachers worldwide so 6 million children who are MDVI/DB start accessing to school and receive a quality education by the year 2030 (according to the Goal 4 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals).

This morning, during the welcoming ceremony Michael Delaney, Executive Director of Perkins International, mentioned that this is a moment for change and opportunity. By taking over the tradition of Anne Sullivan, ELPs and Perkins’ partners will work together to develop this new stage of Perkins International and get every one of that 6 million children going to school.

These international ambassadors are being trained by our beloved experts: Marianne Riggio, Barbara Mc McLetchie, Mary Zatta, Martha Majors, Ami Tango, Lisa Jacobs and Perkins Staff members including Regional Directors, Coordinator and Country Representatives.

Lastly, it is a real honor to say that ELPs are splendidly represented by this group of trainers. 17 colleagues have traveled, once again, from remote areas of the planet only with the purpose of continue improving the services they offer to their students!

Here are some pictures from the morning sessions. You will see ELPs from Egypt, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, South Africa, Russia, Bulgaria, China, Indonesia and The Philippines. Two colleagues from India and Vietnam have also joined this training.

Please join me to congratulate this amazing group of professionals and wish them a fruitful working week!

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